Corporate Writing

Nurturing The Seeds Of Community

Client: In Good Company/CLIF Bar

"In Good Company" is CLIF Bar's corporate social responsibility organization, comprised of a number of like-minded organization. This piece documents the group's efforts to create a community Garden in the South Bronx. 

Time Warner Cable

I worked for five years as the Director of Digital Communications at Time Warner Cable, where I developed the company's blog.

I also worked as its managing editor and chief content creator, writing blog posts, infographics, and video that contributed to an overall corporate narrative. I also wrote product launch posts, crisis communications, and more.

The links below will show you some samples of my work. 

Note: Charter Communications purchased Time Warner Cable after I left, and has replaced all prior content with its own blog. The links below will take you to screencaps of the posts in their original form. 

Subterranean Fires and Melted Fiber-Optics: What A Large Outage Looks Like

I wrote the post copy, took photos, and conducted interviews for this piece.

How Data Travels Along a “Wireless” Network: With Infographic

Full-sized infographic here

I wrote this post, as well as researched, wrote, and produced the infographic, translating between engineers and graphic artists.

Head End: How Cable Gets to Your House From Space

Uploaded by Jeff Simmermon on 2019-01-30.

I directed/produced the embedded video above, as well as conducting all interviews and writing the copy for the linked blog post.

Heavy Demand Crashed Our iPad App Last Night

Time Warner Cable launched its TWCTV app in March, 2011. It crashed under unprecedented heavy demand. I wrote this post to reassure customers and address known issues, rapidly clearing it with legal, the tech dev team responsible for the product and ultimately the CEO before publishing.