'And I Am Not Lying' is a monthly variety show that I curate, produce, perform in, and host. The show is at UCB East on the second Friday of every month at midnight (11:59 PM on Friday). The promo tag line is "cock-rocking the NPR crowd with burlesque, standup, storytelling, sideshow and music."

See the current lineup and get tickets here.

I've taken the show on the road a lot - to the Black Cat in Washington DC multiple times, as well as Underground Arts and L'Etage in Philadelphia, The Stone Fox in Nashville, been presented by WBUR at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA and officially presented by SXSW in 2012 and 2013.

I produced and directed this teaser trailer for ‘And I Am Not Lying’ at UCB East. This captures the vibe pretty well, I think.

I really get into making posters for the show, collaborating with my good friend David William aka D.Billy. You can see a gallery of our poster work over the years below.